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What can I use in my content for the Entromancy Cryptographers Guild?

Your work can use any rules and setting materials from Entromancy: A Cyberpunk Fantasy RPG and Entromancy: Hacker Battles.

Nightpath Publishing will make a stock template available through OneBookShelf, which you’re welcome to use in creating your own content. All art from officially published materials is not to be used, but you are free to commission your own art for use within your products, or to utilize stock art that complies with the guidelines on this page.

The Cryptographers Guild is meant to be a shared resource among the Entromancy community. You’re welcome to expand on or adapt work that other authors have created. Just please be sure to credit them!

Do I need to include the Open Game License (OGL) in my Cryptographers Guild content?

Indeed! You can find more information about the OGL and Systems Reference Document here.

The Entromancy stock template also includes the OGL that you are free to use, after modifying the terms to reflect your own name and work.

What can’t I use in my Cryptographers Guild content?

While you’re free to draw upon the content and stories in The Nightpath Trilogy - in fact, we encourage you to! - we’d ask that you reference them with care, in the original ethos of those works.

What’s the general tone of Cryptographers Guild content?

Entromancy is a cyberpunk fantasy world filled with magic, hacking, espionage, and gunslinging action.  It’s a dystopian setting, but not without hope or humor, and the characters within it are often simultaneously heroic and self-deprecating.

In creating your Cryptographers Guild content, we’d encourage you to think of ways to empower players to accomplish inspiring acts of derring-do, whether by devastating magic, creative use of technology, or faction-based espionage.

The Nightpath Trilogy is an excellent resource for the general tone of the Entromancy world, as are “Chapter 1: The World” and “Chapter 8: GMing Entromancy” in Entromancy: A Cyberpunk Fantasy RPG.

What types of content are prohibited?

Entromancy is meant to be a fun universe where everyone is welcome to play.  It is not without controversy and issues of social welfare, however!

The tension between aurics and humans, for example, is one that we’ve taken great care in developing to convey issues of social inequity and second-class citizenship.  Yet, these complex relationships are meant to illustrate a better path forward: one that values non-binary identities, diversity of expression, plurality of beliefs, and inclusivity.  They are not, for example, a means to tell stories that denigrate members of any community or identity.

While writing a scenario or designing a character, please first think about whether your content will be deemed as hurtful by a member of a marginalized community. We will not accept content that depicts gratuitous violence, sexual objectification, is pornographic in nature, or furthers explicit or implicit oppressive harm against individuals of minority or marginalized/non-binary identities or people with disabilities.

Can I use iconic characters in my Cryptographers Guild Content?

Yes! We’d welcome for you to have characters from The Nightpath Trilogy and “Chapter 1: The World” of Entromancy: A Cyberpunk Fantasy RPG show up in your content.  Please just make sure to treat them with the same care as the other worldbuilding material as described above.

Can I publish other materials to the Cryptographers Guild (such artwork, comics, custom cards, or an app)?

Absolutely.  Please be in touch with us directly at if you have something special in mind!

AI Art

This Community Content Program follows the DTRPG Guidelines with AI Art.

Tool- and AI-Generated Images

The following policy applies only to titles listed by publishers on DriveThruRPG. Other sites and community programs are, for now, exempt from these rules.

AI-Generated Images

All product listings that feature art created automatically by an AI-generation tool meant to bypass or replace human artistry, such as ArtBreeder, MidJourney, NightCafe, etc. are required to utilize the Format > Creation Method > AI-Generated title filter, except in the following instances:

the art has undergone significant processing/modification post-generation; or
the product is expressly approved by OneBookShelf.

Note for AI-Generated Stock Art

Titles containing any art rendered by AI-generated tools that are sold as "Stock Art" (under the Product Type > Publisher Resources filter) must also display the following statement in their product description:

This product contains assets that were, wholly or in part, procedurally generated with the aid of creative software(s) powered by machine learning.

Titles that do not comply are subject to removal from the marketplace. Repeat offenders may have their publishing permissions revoked.

How do I prepare the PDF of my content for sale?

You’re free to utilize the stock Entromancy template provided by OneBookShelf in creating your content.  OneBookShelf has also made a variety of resources available for preparing your content for publishing, which you can find at the bottom of this page.

Where can I find other Cryptographers?

You can join other Cryptographers and members of the Entromancy community on the Official Entromancy Discord Server.

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