Why should I participate in a Community Content Program?

Should you be part of our Community Content Program?


As part of a Community Content Program, you have access to a select body of certain publisher's IP for use in your original content design. In short, this is an opportunity for you to publish content for your favorite game using the worlds and mechanics of the game.

The Community Content Program provides an easy-to-use, push-button service that allows you to publish your work quickly and easily, without printing costs or other unnecessary overhead, so you can focus on what you do best… designing great game content.

The content you create and submit will be published in a central, online marketplace hosted by OneBookShelf, making it available for sale to fans of the relevant Publisher everywhere, while fostering an active and growing community of creators and consumers.

The Community Content Creators Program is an opportunity to share your original content with the rest of the publisher's community, while you make money at the same time. You set the price other fans will pay for your title. You then get a 50% royalty whenever your title sells. Your proceeds can be spent as site credit on other titles available on DriveThruRPG or any of its sister sites, or transferred to your personal PayPal account (after a 60 day waiting period to prevent fraud).

Your content can be rated and reviewed by fans who purchase your adventures, allowing you to improve as a designer, and allowing publishers to easily identify the best creators for additional publication opportunities. The best work will also be eligible to be selected by the publisher's in-house team as potential story/mechanic canon.


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