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I already have a publisher account at DriveThruRPG, should I use my normal publisher tools for submitting Community Content Program titles?

No. Community Content Program titles are managed from the My Content section of your Account page on Do not use your normal Publisher Hub to set up new Community Content Program titles. Royalties for Community Content Program title sales will likewise accrue in your customer account, not in your publisher earnings account


Can I use my publisher tools on my Community Content Program content?

Community Content Program content is associated only with your customer account, not your publisher account. The tools available to you for your community content are found on the Account page of DriveThruRPG. They are a simplified subset of the normal publisher tools.


What if I'm a publisher and want to offer my own Community Content Program?

You can! Shortly, we will be creating an FAQ in your publisher's tools to outline the process, the decisions you'll have to make, and the content (art, logos, templates) we will need from you. As soon as that is available, we will replace this question with a link to it.




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