Genesys Foundry FAQ

Genesys Foundry FAQ 

Here are some other questions that have come up about the Foundry along with our replies.

If I create my own setting and publish a work using it on the Foundry, can I also use my setting for other RPG games and publish those other works on other sites? For example, I’ve created my own superhero setting and do a Genesys-based product—could I also use the same setting for other products in the DriveThru Community Content Program and publish that work in there?

Yes, so long as the other program also allows this.


If I secure the rights to a third-party IP, can I use that setting in my Genesys Foundry work?

No, this is just beyond the scope of our program. You should contact us directly (via


Can I include digital assets as part of my work that uses my own setting, like electronic character sheets and themes for games?



Can I publish/sell hard copies of my Foundry creations, like via Print-on-Demand for DriveThruRPG?

At this time, no. It’s something we’ll look at and potentially approve down the road, however.


If I did a setting book for an original IP, and then wanted to go ahead and do a conversion of it for another RPG system and sell that, would I wholly own it and be able to go make money on that?

It's your IP to do what you want with it. You can’t market the Genesys product elsewhere, though, but if you want to do a version for your setting for another system that’s up to you.


AI Artwork Note

  • Do not use art created by someone else without permission.
  • AI art (e.g. Midjourney, Dall-E). Until there is a system in place to recompense artists for their inclusion in AI art databases, we do not approve of the use of AI art within content posted as part of this program.
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