What’s New!

What’s New!


Current release is now in version 3.2 and 3.3 (mobile).

New features added in the 3.3 version!

  • Pinch to zoom function has been added for built in PDF reader.
    • Currently available on mobile devices 

New features added in the 3.2  version!

  • Collections
    • Now you can organize your library into groups called collections allowing you more robust filtering/sorting of your titles within the app itself
      • This feature only affects the view and access within the app, it will not sort your files on your device. 
    • Create and access your collections by clicking on the button with the folder icons
      • Collections menu can be accessed on the main library, selection mode and title information page. 
        • The main library collections button will display the name of the selected collection
        • The Selection ui and title information page will show Manage Collections
    • Titles can be in more than one collection at a time
    • For more about collections see our guide. 
  • All, Downloaded, Not Downloaded and Has Updates filtering options have been moved into the Collections menu 
    • Has Updates will only appear when a title has an update
  • Each collection will display the total number of titles in the collection - this is the number in the parentheses to the immediate right of the collection name. 
    • This also includes the default collections of All, Downloaded, Not Downloaded and Has Updates. 
  • Additional Languages Support
    • The app is now available in English, Russian, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese
    • You can change your language preference in the Settings
      • Go to Settings (the gear icon) and at the very top is a drop down to select your preferred language.  Select the one you wish to use. Click Save changes and then restart the app to load the app in the selected language.


New features added in the 3.1 version!

  • Built in pdf reader (BETA)
    • Our team is working on developing a pdf reader that is a part of the app
      • This feature is still in a beta state as we work to develop it. We welcome your feedback on what features and improvements you would like to see!


New Features added in the 3.0 version!

  • Updates to the color theme
  • Some labels/text were renamed to offer more clarity in what they do
    • Refresh Library (2.0) / Check for Updates ( is now Sync library data
    • Sync Library (2.0) is now Download All
    • Output Path (2.0) is now Download Directory
  • Streamlined some behaviors to make them more efficient
  • All operating systems - Option to fetch your app key by using your account login information (Currently does not support login with Facebook)
    • List view- the original library display, but now only shows titles. The file lists have been moved to the new title information screen.
    • Tile view- displays your library by title cover icons 
    • Selection mode - When using select all or individually selecting a title will go to a dedicated screen where titles can be selected/unselected and downloaded. 
    • Title information page - Shows publisher, rule system, date downloaded, date of last update of files, and the complete file list for that title. Accessed by clicking the i icon in list view or the bottom grey part of tile view
    • Sorting options now have their own drop down and we have added the option to sort by purchase date ( New to Old and Old to New)
    • Two new filter options
      • Not Downloaded - shows titles that have not been downloaded
      • Has Updates - Appears only when a title’s files have been updated and will show only those titles that have updated files.
  • Additional visual cues and behaviors
    • Titles that have files downloaded will now have an i icon instead of an Open button.
    • Clicking on the i icon will go to the title information page
    • Titles with just one file will now open the file when the bar/title cover is clicked on
    • Titles with multiple files will go to the title information page when the bar/title cover is clicked on
    • Titles that have no downloads will now have their cover image faded out
    • When an error occurs the status message will appear at the bottom highlighted red
    • If downloading has been disabled for a folder scan, the download buttons will fade out (Version only)



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