Navigating and Filtering Your Library

Wanting to know how to navigate your library?


Navigating and Filtering Your Library  

Display your library in list view or tile view

How to sort your library list.

How to filter your library using Keyword Search or Collections 

Viewing a title's information and files.

Opening a file.



List View and Tile View

You can display your library either in the original list view or in the tile view. To toggle between the two views click on the icon to the left of select all:


The selected view option will turn red when active. Clicking on the four squares will toggle the tile view. Clicking on the three links will toggle the list view. 


List View: The original view. Creates a lists of titles with title cover, title, publisher, rule system, and then status icon



Tile View: Displays a large icon of the title cover, status icon is in the center, and at the bottom is title, publisher and rule system information. 



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Sorting your library

You can sort your library by purchase date, title, publisher, or rule system in either descending (Z - A) or ascending (A - Z) order . Just click on the sorting option drop down located between select all and the search (there will be an icon with an arrow pointing down next to a list of lines), and then select the option you want to use to sort. 



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Keyword Search

It is possible to search for titles by keyword(s). The app will only display titles that have a match in their title, publisher or rule system to the keyword(s) that was entered in the search bar. 


At this time the search function is limited and behaves similar to the search of My Library. It will search for matches that are exactly in the same order as what the keywords were typed in. 

Example if you searched for  White Wolf, then the library will be filtered to show titles that White Wolf  is the publisher of. But if you searched for Whitewolf then, titles with White Wolf as the publisher will not appear in the results.


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Collections are groups of titles in your library. There are four default collections (All, Downloaded, Not Downloaded, and Has Updates), plus the ability to make as many custom collections as you would like to sort your library to fit your needs.

Collections will only sort and organize your library view in the app. It will not sort or order your actual files on your device.

A title can be placed in multiple collections.
A collection can have any number of titles in it. 

Collections are stored as part of your online library information. If you create or update a collection on one device, you can use Sync library data to update your custom collections on your other devices.


The Collection menu can be accessed by clicking on the button with the folder icon.

On the main library view it will have the name of the selected collection. The number in the parentheses on the right side of the collection name is the total number of titles in that collection.


  • The main library menu is limited to creating, deleting and renaming collections
  • When a collection is selected from the drop down in the main library view the app will only show the titles that are contained in that collection. 


In selection mode the button will have the texted manage collections and is located between the download selected and select/unselect all buttons. Here you can create new collections and add or remove single or multiple titles from a single collection or multiple collections at once



In the title information page it's in the top right area, at the very top above the information. Here you can create new collections and add or remove that title from a single or multiple collections.



Default collections:

Default collections can not be edited or have titles manually added or removed. These are the previous filtering tabs that had existed as individual buttons.

All - Will display your entire library.

Downloaded - Will display titles that have files downloaded

Not Downloaded - Will display only titles that do not have files downloaded

Has Updates - Will display only the titles with an update available to be downloaded. (This option will only appear when the app detects a title has an update ready for download)


Creating custom collections

In the main library view click on the Collections menu button
In selection mode or on the title information page click on manage collections 

Then click on + Create a collection

A pop up will appear. Start typing the desired name for your collection and then click confirm to save the new collection.

Renaming or Deleting a custom collection

Clicking on the gear icon to the far right of the collection name will open the edit collection pop up. 

  • In order to rename a collection, enter the desired new name in the text box and then click Save
  • In order to delete a collection, click on the delete collection button. You will get a prompt asking if you are sure if you would like to delete the collection. Click yes to finish deleting the collection
    • This will not delete any of your titles or files. It will just delete the collection from the app. 


Adding or Removing title(s) from a custom collection. 

The Manage Collections button appears in selection mode and in a title’s information page.
Clicking on this button will open a menu with the option to create a new collection and then list of your existing collections. This menu will be used to add or remove title(s) from collections. 


The title information page can be used to add or remove  just that title from a collection or multiple collections.

  • In the title information page click on Manage Collections and open the menu
    • To add to a collection, click on the name of the collection you want to add the title to
    • The collection name will turn green and have a green check mark on the right hand side.
      • If you want to add to multiple collections, keep on clicking on the collections you want the title to be in.
    • To remove the title from a collection, go back to the Manage collections menu and click on the green text collection(s) to remove the title from it.
      • Once removed the collection name text will turn black and the green check will be gone. Repeat this for every collection you want to remove the title from. . 


Selection Mode can be used to add or remove a single or multiple titles from collections. 

  • Select the title(s) you want to add to a collection.
  • Then click on Manage Collections to open your list of collections.
  • Then just click on the collection you want to add your selected title(s) to.
  • Once they are added the collection text will turn green and have a green check mark on the right hand side.
    • If you want to add your selected titles to more collections, just keep clicking on which collections you want to add them to.
  • To remove titles from a collection.
    • Select  the title(s) you want to remove and open the Manage Collections menu.
    • Click on the collection names that are green with a green check mark.
    • Once removed the collection name will turn black and the green check mark will disappear. Repeat for every collection you want to remove the selected title(s) from.
      • Titles can only be added or removed at a time. It is not possible to add a title while removing a title.  

If you happen to select a title that already exists in a collection, but the other titles are not in the collection then when you click on the collection it will just add the new titles. The title that is already in the collection will not be removed. 

In this case a gray icon with a white cross will appear next to the collection name where the title is in  to let you know that only the titles that are not in the collection yet will be added to the collection and nothing else will happen.

In order to remove the title you will need to click on the collection while its name is green with a green check mark.


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Viewing title information

The title information page contains a larger thumbnail of the title’s cover, the publisher, the rule system, the date you downloaded the file(s), the date of the title’s last update and the list of all the files that the title has. 


To access this page click on the i icon in list view, or the bottom red and gray section that has the title, publisher and rule information in tile view. If a title has multiple files then clicking anywhere on the title bar or cover will go to the title information page.



Clicking on a file name will open that file. And there is the option to delete (red circle with trash can icon) or download individual files (blue circle with arrow icon).

If a download should fail then a retry button will appear (white circle with blue round arrow icon).



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Opening your files

If a title has a single file then clicking on the title bar in list view or on the cover in tile view will open the file for that title in your selected viewer. (Please note there may be some limitations for usable viewers in the mobile versions)

When a title has multiple files, then it will take you to the title information page. Once there you click on the file name that you want to open.




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