How to Purchase Gift Certificates

How to purchase a gift certificate:

Gift Certificates are purchased just like any other menu item in our store. You can pay for them using our standard payment methods (credit card and Pay Pal). Once purchased, the value of the Gift Certificate will be added to your DriveThruRPG account credit.  

Once you have some account credit, you will notice that the amount now shows up in the shopping cart at the top right side of your Account page (available from the tab at the top of the page).  In your shopping cart box there are also links to redeem Gift Certificates or to send a Gift Certificate to some one via email.

To use your account credit, just be sure to check the box at checkout that says "Click here to use account credit."  You will see your order total adjusted on the next page before you actually complete your order.

How to send a gift certificate or account credit to another account:

To send a gift certificate to another account

  1. Place the gift certificate into your cart and then proceed to checkout. 
  2. Be sure to click the box that says-  Buying for someone else?
  3. Then put in the email address for the recipients DriveThruRPG account.  If they don't already have an account with us, you can put in their email address and a new account will be created for them.
  4. You can also leave a note for the recipient if you choose
  5. You can also specify a date for future delivery if you like. 
  6. Complete the checkout process and the account credit will be added to the recipient's account and they will receive an email notification.

If you already have some account credit in your account and would like to send some as a gift to another account, you can do so by visiting this page -

When you send a Gift Certificate, you need to specify the following:

• The name of the person to which you are sending the Gift Certificate.
• The email address of the person to which you are sending the Gift Certificate. (We won't send unsolicited e-mail to this address or share it with third parties)
• The amount you want to send. (Note you don't have to send the full amount that is in your Gift Certificate Account)
• Optionally, you can enter a short message, which will appear in the email.

Please ensure that you have entered all of the information correctly, though you will be asked to confirm the information you entered before the email is actually sent.



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