Tiny Trove FAQ

What can I use in my titles for Tiny Trove?

Your work can use any rules and setting materials from the following TinyD6 books published by Gallant Knight Games:

  • Tiny Dungeon: Second Edition
  • Tiny Frontiers: Revised
  • Tiny Wastelands
  • Mecha & Monsters: Evolved
  • Tiny Cthulhu
  • Beach Patrol
  • Tiny Gunslingers
  • Tiny Living Dead
  • Tiny Pirates
  • Tiny Supers
    • Tiny Supers has an extra limitation. You can use the material in Tiny Supers, except any GallantVerse setting or materials. For ease of avoiding any issues, stick to the rules only for Tiny Supers. You can’t use our GallantVerse setting, micro-verses, or characters.

You can also publish TinyD6 specific stock art, which must follow all the rules for a Tiny Trove product (meaning it's limited to the Tiny Trove, it must have the appropriate logos and copyright information, and any other rules that apply.)

You can also publish decks of cards, which must follow all the rules for a Tiny Trove product (meaning it's limited to the Tiny Trove, it must have the appropriate logos and copyright information, and any other rules that apply.) Card decks have some additional and special rules:

  • Your card deck should serve the purpose of an accessory to the game in mention, and should not number more than 50 cards in a deck (in total cards.)
  • Your card decks should be similar to the existing GKG card decks in concept and tone (a standalone card game using Tiny Trove resources would not be appropriate.)

For examples of cards, please see our Mutation Deck, Enclave Deck, TD2e Enemy Deck or TD2e Magic Item Deck.

Gallant Knight Games will make additional stock art and templates available through DriveThruRPG, and you’re welcome to use these in your Tiny Trove titles as they become available. All other art from officially published materials is not to be used, but you are free to commission your own art for use within your products.

How much do you take?

Gallant Knight Games takes 10% of every Tiny Trove sale. DriveThruRPG takes 30% (that’s their standard exclusive publisher cut). This means you get 60% of every sale.

Where can I find templates and art packs?

You can find the Tiny Dungeon 2E Pack here:  https://www. drivethrurpg.com/product/ 274075/Tiny-Trove-2nd-Edition- Pack

You can find the Tiny Frontiers: Revised Pack here:  https://www. drivethrurpg.com/product/ 274076/Tiny-Frontier-Pack-for- Tiny-Trove?cPath=26112_32547

You can find the Tiny Wastelands Pack here:  https://www. drivethrurpg .com/product/ 274077/ Tiny - Wasteland-Pack- for- Tiny - Trove

You can find the Tiny Frontiers: Mecha & Monsters Pack here:  https://www. drivethrurpg.com/product/ 274074/Tiny-Trove-Fantasy- Mecha-and-Monsters-Pack

What can’t I use in my Tiny Trove Titles?

For now, we’re only accepting content compatible with the approved books (see above). You can mix and match as you want within those books though!

For Tiny Dungeon & Tiny Frontiers, as well as Mecha & Monsters, we’re also only accepting 2nd Edition materials, so we can’t accept anything written specifically for 1st Edition games (this means you can’t use Tiny Dungeon, Tiny Frontiers, or Tiny Frontiers: Mecha & Monsters). You can use Tiny Frontiers: Revised, Tiny Dungeon 2e and Mecha & Monsters: Evolved.

Our full campaign settings like Destiny of Tides, the GallantVerse (or future ones) are not currently available for this program, as we have future plans involving them. Certain other TinyD6 games (like Advanced Tiny Dungeon) are not allowed under Tiny Trove.

You can’t use any Tiny Supers expansions at this time.

Finally, titles can’t include TinyD6 mechanics used in non-Tiny Trove products or use other rules in our Tiny Trove products. If you want to make multiple versions of an adventure for different rulesets, that’s totally ok! You just have to make different versions and sell them separately. Tiny Trove products must only have TinyD6 (or no) rules.

Where can I use Tiny Trove art?

Tiny Trove art packs are published under the Community Content Agreement for the Tiny Trove program and are licensed for use in content submitted to the Tiny Trove. The art is not licensed to be used for any other purpose nor on any platform outside of Tiny Trove.

AI Content Policy

Gallant Knight Games follows DriveThru Marketplace Guidelines in regards to AI-Generated Writing, Editing, and Art.

Update March 24th, 2023: The following policy applies to DriveThru Marketplaces, including Community Content Programs and Supported Marketplaces. DriveThruRPG defines “AI-Generated art” as images created through the use of artificial intelligence algorithms and techniques trained on pre-existing data sets. (Examples: Midjourney, Artbreeder).

  • At this time, DriveThru Marketplaces require partners to set their own AI-generated artwork policies on Game, Rulebook and Adventure products. Any products that utilize AI-generated artwork must be tagged as such.
  • At this time, DriveThru Marketplaces do not accept standalone artwork products that utilize AI-generated art.

Titles that do not comply are subject to removal from the marketplace. Repeat offenders may have their publishing permissions revoked. A full statement of intent regarding our policy update can be found here.

Update July 19th, 2023: While we value innovation, starting on July 31st 2023, Roll20 and DriveThru Marketplaces will not accept commercial content primarily written by AI language generators. We acknowledge enforcement challenges, and trust in the goodwill of our partners to offer customers unique works based primarily on human creativity.

Creation Method Filter

If your Game, Rulebook or Adventure product contains AI-generated content, you are required to indicate this using the Creation Method filter. In order to enable this filter, find the Category Assignments section under Filters when you Set Up a New Title or Edit a Title Listing. Under Format near the bottom of the filters list, find the box labeled Creation Method. Click the black triangle and it'll expand the dropdown list, where you can then select AI-Generated.

I’d like to write in a way that matches the tone of TinyD6. Any advice?

TinyD6 is a minimalist ruleset. The goal is to strip the idea of an RPG down to it’s barest essentials, and leverage what we have left to tell stories that allow the rules to get out of the way. The goal is to provide a fun jumping off point for rules and settings, while avoiding getting bogged down in the details!

Minimalist doesn’t mean empty or hand-waved, but it does mean assessing what is the minimum threshold to reach viability.

What types of content are prohibited?

Gallant Knight Games is a company committed to positive, diverse representation. We won’t accept content that contains: gratuitous depictions of violence, objectifying descriptions of people’s bodies or cultures, or content we find hurtful or damaging. Like pornography, we’ll know it when we see it. If you have a question, reach out to tinytrove@gallantknightgames.com and we’ll work through it with you.

Your Work will not contain material that a reasonable person would consider libelous, defamatory, racist, homophobic, ableist, or discriminatory; that violates the copyrights or trademarks of another party; or that violates the law.

I’ve created a custom setting that TinyD6 players might enjoy. Can I upload it to the Tiny Trove?


What do you own and what do I own?

Oof. Good question and a big one. At the minimum, you should talk to a lawyer if you have any contract questions about the EULA or contract you have to sign to use Tiny Trove. This is not legal advice and you shouldn’t take it as that.

But here’s a very brief, imprecise overview.

  • User Extension Content. This is the stuff you add to the Tiny Trove that’s based on our work – rules, expansions, layout, etc.)
  • User Original Content. This is the stuff you added that entirely you like such as original characters, scenes, locations, and events, as well as illustrations and cartographic artwork that isn’t drawn from Tiny Trove or has a different license (like stock art).

As an imperfect example: a new setting written by you is added to the Tiny Trove. The details of the setting, the world, and the art would likely be User Original Content, but the rules for the Heritages, Traits, etc. would be User Extension Content. If you used some of our heritages (Salimar, etc), those would ALSO be User Extension Content, but the unique way they fit into your world might or might not be (that would depend on what you wrote)!

You own your User Original Content outright and can use it however you like! if you want to publish it in multiple community content programs, you can. No one can use your User Original Content without your permission.

The User Extension Content you submit becomes “Program IP”, which means its part of the Tiny Trove, and everyone who creates in Tiny Trove can use it in Tiny Trove (and only Tiny Trove).

In a too brief nutshell: Rules are shared. Worlds/adventures/unique creations are not.

GKG can use it too, but our rules are different, as it’s based on our publisher IP (that’s all in the contract). 

Where can I list Tiny Trove titles?

Only on DriveThruRPG. You can’t sell or use them as rewards on Kickstarter, your personal website, or anywhere else. If you want to, you need express permission in writing and a contract from Gallant Knight Games.

Can I create and sell content for 1st Edition Tiny Dungeon or Tiny Frontiers?


Can I copy information from TinyD6 rulebooks into my Tiny Trove title?

You’re free to reference the text of official GKG products, but please don’t copy things outright unless you absolutely need to do so. In general, your text should be your original work. If you have a question, reach out to tinytrove@gallantknightgames.com and we’ll work through it with you.

Can I publish other materials to the Tiny Trove, like artwork, comics, or an app?

Right now, we’re only accepting RPG titles, card titles related to RPG titles, and stock art. Tiny Trove is for roleplaying game materials only. It does not allow for fiction except for short vignettes in an RPG work. It does not allow software or comics.

How do I prepare the PDF of my title for sale?

There are many different programs to lay out and prepare your book for digital download. Visit our Partner Help Center to learn how to prepare your PDFs.

How do I properly attribute TinyD6 in my work?

Our Word and InDesign templates already have the attributions present. You must also include the “powered by TinyD6” logo on the bottom right-hand side of the front cover. It must be discernible and legible at normal full-screen viewing size but does not need to be large and should not be the primary logo or title on the cover.

In addition, you must include our boilerplate language within the first three (3) pages of your book, in at least 8-point font in all advertisements and other marketing materials:

(a) Powered by TinyD6 Logo © (download here)

(b) This game product is powered by TinyD6™, a trademark of Gallant Knight Games, in the USA and other countries. Used with permission.  Original text content of Tiny Dungeon: Second Edition, Tiny Frontiers: Revised, Tiny Wastelands, Beach Patrol, Magnum Vice:  Fury  Force, Tiny Supers, Gallant Knight Games Logo, TinyD6 Logo, content and original artwork are copyright © 2015-2019 , Gallant Knight Games unless otherwise specified.

In the Product Description field when setting up the title on DriveThruRPG, you must include: Requires Tiny Dungeon: Second Edition, Requires Tiny Frontiers: Revised or Requires Tiny Wastelands (include all that are appropriate for your product.)

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