Getting the Most out of your Explorer's Society Pieces


Thanks for contributing to the Explorer’s Society!

We’re so happy to have your voice featured here alongside other amazing creators. We’ve compiled a few tips on how to get the most out of your Explorer’s Society pieces, including layout advice and guidance for sharing your pieces online.

Writing and Designing Explorer’s Society Pieces

You’ve written an awesome rules hack and everyone in your group loves it. You’ve redesigned a mechanic that just didn’t work for your players. You’ve created a custom adventure, complete with heroes and villains, that you can’t wait to share. So, how do you maximize the chance that your piece will get the attention it deserves?


Nothing takes a reader out of the text faster than a glaring typo. For basic spelling and grammar corrections, run your piece through spell checker before submitting. If you have a friend who’s willing to do a proofreading pass, all the better! It’s easy to gloss over typos when you’ve read something a million times on your own.

Design & Layout

Good design isn’t just eye-catching, it makes for a more accessible reading experience. Follow basic design accessibility guidelines by using a large font size that’s easy to read, and choosing font colors that are easy on the eyes.

Remember, not everyone sees color the same way! Be especially careful when combining red and green to signal important information.

To create a consistent look and feel for Explorer’s Society pieces, we’ve provided design templates for creators, compatible with Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign. You’ll find these in the “Resources for Creators” section.


Art helps to break up long blocks of text and helps to communicate the overall theme and tone of your piece. If you’re looking for 7th Sea art, we’ve provided a number of official art packs for use in your Explorer’s Society pieces. You’ll find those under “Resources for Creators” as well.


It’s up to you to decide how much you’d like to charge for your Explorer’s Society pieces (free is an option as well). Check out other submissions to get a sense of pricing norms, and feel free to peruse other community-created content programs.

Quality over Quantity

A high word count doesn’t necessarily equal a higher-value product. Avoid the temptation to pad out your work in order to charge more. Go for the meat and bones of what you’d like to communicate, and ask a friend for editing help if you think you’ve strayed too far from the intent of your piece.

Sharing Explorer's Society Pieces

So, you’ve uploaded your piece to the Explorer’s Society? What’s next?
Some people will find your work by searching the Explorer’s Society page, but don’t let your contribution get lost! Share on Facebook and Twitter to let your friends know what you’ve created. And be sure to tag in John Wick Presents—we’ll reshare your post so folks know where to find it!

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