Content Guidelines

Guidelines for content


Each Community Content Program has its own Content Guideline which lets you know in plain language what types of material from the publisher's intellectual property you can use in your works and what types of community content are allowed.

In addition there are a few universal limits for all programs. These limits are pretty much what you’d expect. Nothing offensive or pornographic. Nothing that infringes someone else’s copyright or trademark. Nothing libelous.

Create, don’t copy. We reserve the right to stop publishing and selling your work if we think it goes against the spirit of the Community Content Program. All authors should respectfully use the content originally created by the Publishers or other Creators. For example, if a Community Content Creator releases a trilogy of adventures, and another author takes those three adventures, compiles them, and republishes them as a single collection, without substantive original additions or changes, then we would stop publishing and selling that collected work because it adds no value to the community content. It’s simply one author copying another author’s work and looking to make a royalty on it.

Please also read the FAQ further for more information on the use of art and logos in your content.

You can find the Content Guidelines specific to each program here.



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