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Holostreets Content Guidelines


Adult content (explicit sex, intense violence, and so forth) is not allowed. As a general guideline, if the content feels like a hard R or NC-17 movie, it’s probably too far. Does your content feel like Blade Runner 2049 or John Wick? It’s probably okay. Does it feel like 9 ½ Weeks or Kick-Ass? Dial it back a little.

Content that advances or promotes discrimination against a protected class (e.g., race, gender, sexual orientation) is not allowed.

Honor your fellow creators. Don’t copy them or repurpose their work without their explicit approval.

Catalyst reserves the right to remove material in violation of these guidelines, though some removals may be reversed if proper labeling is applied or appropriate fixes are made.

Repeat violations of these guidelines can lead to a creator being permanently barred from the community.


You may create content for any edition of Shadowrun, including: First Edition (SR1), Second Edition (SR2), Third Edition (SR3), Fourth Edition (SR4), Fourth Edition Anniversary (SR4A), Fifth Edition (SR5), Anarchy (SR:A), and Sixth World Edition (SR6).

New gear, qualities, spells, adept powers, programs, complex forms, vehicles, and drones can be released but they should be made consistent with the timeline the material is presented in. So for example, a wireless Matrix should not be presented in any book set before 2072.


Content can be created for any edition and any period of in-game time; content does not need to be restricted to the in-game years covered by that edition. That means SR1 content could be made for the 2080s, and SR6 content could be made for the 2050s.

Material should only cover the Shadowrun setting and timeline, meaning from 1999 onward.

Established characters may be used, but such material will not be considered canonical.

Disallowed Material

Content for other fictional settings (e.g., Barsoom, Bas-Lag, Los Santos) is not allowed. This includes creatures, characters, plots, and setting elements covered by existing copyrights, such as any setting or game with past associations with Shadowrun, whether they were loose or tight, including BattleTech and Earthdawn.


No published Shadowrun art or graphics may be used besides those explicitly provided. The creator must secure rights to any art they use. Catalyst will remove publications that do not have permission to use material they include.

AI-generated art should not be used on Holostreets. Since Holostreets is a paying market, we want creators to be used and compensated for their work, and we have serious concerns about the ethics of how AI uses artists’ images to generate their pieces. Any product posted to Holostreets that contains AI-generated art where very little human work was done on the image are subject to removal. Definitions of how much human work is needed are at the sole discretion of Catalyst Game Labs.

Logos and Graphics

The complete Holostreets logo and Shadowrun logo must appear on the cover and title page of the publication. It must be clear and unobscured, but it should not be the predominate graphical element on the page. Creators should use the logo appropriate to the edition they are making material for.

Creator Templates

You are encouraged, but not required, to use the templates provided to Holostreets creators for your work.


The following text must be placed within any publication released through Holostreets:

Shadowrun, Sixth World, and Matrix, and associated graphics and logos are registered trademarks and/or trademarks of The Topps Company, Inc., in the United States and/or other countries. Catalyst Game Labs and the Catalyst Game Labs logo are trademarks of InMediaRes Productions, LLC.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Holostreets?

Holostreets is the spot for community-created Shadowrun content, including fiction, adventures, gearbooks, and more. While Holostreets material is non-canonical within the Shadowrun setting, creators are free to explore new avenues, generate new storylines, and otherwise tell the stories they want to tell. They also can earn money!

How is revenue for Holostreets publications divided?

Revenue is divided between OneBookShelf, which hosts the site; Catalyst Game Labs, who produce game material for Shadowrun, and the creator.  

How do I get started selling material on Holostreets?

Once you have assembled a final PDF, go to Account > My Content > Enter New Community Content Title, and the site will show you what information you need to input to get your product on sale!

What editions of Shadowrun can I create content for?

Any of them!

Are there templates and art available to help me out?

Yes! We also have six free Shadowrun art packs you can search for in Holostreets.

What limits are there on the content I can submit to Holostreets?

Check out our Content Guidelines for details.

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