Updating and Managing Library Information

Needing to update or manage your library information?

Updating and Managing Library Information

When you make new purchases or unarchive a title the Library App will need to look for those updates. You can also archive a title to remove it from the Library App as well.  Desktop users also have the option to organize their files on their hard drive. 


How to keep your Library information up to date
What if a title has its file(s) updated?
How to remove a title from the Library App
How to delete a downloaded file from the Library App
Windows and MacOS only - Organize your files on the hard drive.



Keeping your Library information current

Clicking on the Sync library data  text will cause the Library App to scan your online account for any updates (new purchases, unarchived titles, title file updates, collections.).   Please note that in version this is Check for Updates and in 2.0.x this is Refresh Library.




While it is retrieving your information it will display  Checking... with the two arrows icon spinning.



When it is done the icon will turn into a check mark and display Complete.



Once it completes the data sync then the Library App will scan the Download Directory folder. A gray bar will appear at the bottom with the status message Scanning destination folder. It will display until the scan is complete or until you close it by clicking on x. Closing the status message will not stop the scan, just remove the message.



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Titles with updated files

When a title  has its files updated or changed the Library App will detect this when a Sync library data is done. 

A blue dot will appear next to the folder icon of the Collections menu and the drop down will not have a Has Updates option appearing. Clicking on Has Updates will filter the library down to the updated titles.



When you go to download any updated files a pop up will appear asking what you want to do, Overwrite, Rename Old File or Do not update. There is also the option to have your preference remembered.


You can change your preferences anytime in the Settings 16.png. Click on the gear icon in the top right corner. Find the section with If Files in the library have changed… Click on the drop down to select what you want to do with the updated titles. The available options are:

  • Always ask before replacing old file(s): the pop up will appear asking what you would like to do with the updated title. 
  • Rename old files: during a download the app will automatically rename the old file and download the new file, keeping both files.
  • Replace old files: during a download the app will automatically remove the old file and download the new file.



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Removing Titles from the Library App

The Library App is designed to where any title placed in your My Archives will not be loaded in the app. 

If there is a title that you do not want the Library App to manage go to the website and place that title in your My Archives.  If you place it in the archive after you have already loaded your library in the Library App, then you will need to sign out and back into the Library App. 

To put a title in your My Archives:

  • Go to Your My Library on the website
  • Find the title you want to archive
  • Click on the icon that looks like a file box8.png

If you change your mind just unarchive the title on the website and then open the Library App and click check for updates. 

To unarchive a title:

  • Go to your My Library on the website
  • Scroll down and expand your My Archives
  • Find the title you want to unarchive
  • Click the icon of the arrow pointing up9.png


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Deleting a downloaded file from the Library App

Find the title that has the file you want to delete. Click on the i icon (list view) or the red and gray bar on the bottom of the cover (tile view) to go to the title’s information page. Then find the file you want to delete and click on the red and white trash can icon. A pop up warning will appear asking you if you are sure you want to delete the file. It will have the option to not show the warning again, delete the file, or cancel the deletion. 


Selecting Don’t show me this warning again will cause the pop up to no longer appear until you change it in the Settings 16.png.

At any time you can enable or disable the deletion warning message by going to Settings 16.png (gear icon in the upper right corner). Go down to Additional Options. Then find Show confirmation when deleting a file. When enabled there will be a green circle with a white check mark. When disabled there will be an empty gray circle.



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Organizing your files on your hard drive

Currently only available on Windows and macOS

The Library App is designed to be flexible with how a user may want to organize their files on their hard drive. 

You can rename your files, rename the folders, have as many or as little folders you want, or even keep your files spread across multiple directories, and still be able to open them in the Library App. 

  • Renaming files or folder: Once you have renamed the file you will need to open the Library App and then click Sync library data (Check for Updates in, Refresh Library in 2.0) to update the library information.
  • Moving files to folders in the Download Directory: Once you have finished moving your files just open the Library App and then click on Sync library data to update the library information. 
  • Moving files to a new directory/hard drive: 
      • Open the Library App
      • Go to Settings 16.png and change the Download Directory to the new directory
      • Click Save Changes
      • The Library App should begin scanning the new directory and updating the library information.

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