Shipping Issues

Questions about the shipping on your print order?


Has your order for printed books or cards not arrived?  The time to print and ship books can vary.

Books shipping to US / Canada

For printed books being shipped to the US or Canada, the estimated time to print is around five business days.

Books shipping outside US/Canada

For any printed books being delivered outside the US/Canada the printing time is generally around five business days.


If the expected delays have been exceeded for your order, please reach out to Customer Service and let us know so we can investigate further.



Has your order been shipped but not delivered?

Many of the less expensive shipment methods like USPS Media Mail can take a long time for delivery. You are saving money on freight but these shipping methods can take up to two months in some cases. 

Please note: We cannot consider a package to be lost until it is forty five days past the shipping date (60 days for Australian orders). If your order hasn't been delivered after that time,  please reach out to Customer Service and let us know your order number and the titles of the products you ordered and we can investigate further.



If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us using the red Contact Us button at the bottom left side of each site page:






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